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Type of service: Online services

DotComUnity is an online directory of services and activities for people with disabilities. DotComUnity c.i.c. is run as a social enterprise aimed at those in our society who, for whatever reason, face challenges in accessing and participating in everyday life. .

The people who DotComUnity are looking to support are all those with a learning or physical disability. The site is for them and for the people around them, whether that's family or friends, or anyone involved in their support.

The aim of the DotComUnity is to become a really useful tool in the drive to meet new challenges, broaden horizons and ultimately to break down barriers when it comes to social inclusion and integration. .



Age: For people of any age

Aimed at: Adolescent , Adult , Adult sibling, Child , Child/adolescent sibling, Parent/carer of a child, Parent/carer of an adult, Partner, Professional, Volunteer

Gender: All genders

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Specialisms: Generic


You can contact us by phone email or post.

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