We are unique

At Helen Allison we specialise in autism. We stand out because every person who cares for and educates your child in our school is fully trained in autism.

We understand how autism affects your child, and we have over 40 years’ experience and knowledge to draw on to help them to learn, thrive and take their full place in the world as adults.

Whatever the learning capabilities of your child are, we will help them make progress and achieve qualifications, from entry level literacy and numeracy to A levels and other Level 3 qualifications.

Sensory intervention

In order to help a student with sensory processing, it is important to make sure that they have the right ‘sensory diet’. A sensory diet is a ‘diet’ of activities and sensory input for the body and neurological system. Just as the body needs food evenly spaced out across the day, so the body need activities to keep its arousal at the best possible level.

A sensory diet helps your child’s nervous system to feel better organised and therefore helps them to pay attention and perform. This is vital if your child is to be a successful learner.

We’ve put in place some exciting collaborative therapies at Helen Allison. Our speech and language and occupational therapists have identified children’s sensory needs and prescribed a sensory diet where appropriate. We have used this alongside an innovative programme of Therapeutic Listening®. Many students also benefit from daily sensory circuits to alert, organise and focus them for the day ahead.

Independent students

Our older students learn in a separate Hub, preparing for adult life among students of their own age. Once they attend the Hub, students gain valuable experience of life outside school, as well as following their interests and skills through college courses and work placements.

Truly individual

Every student at Helen Allison has a truly personalised curriculum and timetable. Your child learns at their own pace and according to their own needs and interests. We always find a way to deliver the learning your child needs.

Healthy eating

If your child struggles with food, we can help. Our therapists work with our head cook to create diets, and work with your child towards conquering any eating problems.

Multi-disciplinary team

Our teaching staff, support and care staff and therapists work together every day. We are a team. Your child knows every one of us well, and we all know your child well too. It’s one of the reasons we’re able to make such a big difference in your child’s life.