Autism Professionals Conference 2020

Understanding stress and anxiety in autism

This course explores how you can help autistic children and adults to reduce stress and anxiety, how to understand behaviour, and how to support them during difficult times.

About the training

Stress and anxiety affect many autistic children and adults, causing significant distress that may be expressed in ways that challenge the person and others who struggle to understand them.This course is designed for anyone who works with autistic children or adults and already has an understanding of autism.

We recommend this course to all practitioners because anxiety and stress are such a difficulty for many autistic people. We must understand why this is if we are to provide support that works and makes a lasting difference.

Our interactive virtual training delivery model ensures we are proud to deliver the exact same learning outcomes for you as our face to face training course, in a learner friendly and accessible way. 

Trainer: Niki Daniel, Deborah Garland or Mandy Rutter

Training times

This training runs from 9.30-11am and 1-2.30pm.

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