Women and girls

This online training module aims to support professionals to identify autistic women and girls. It is specifically aimed at diagnosticians, but was developed in such a way that it should be useful to anyone with an interest in autism, including autistic people, parents, carers and a wide range of other professionals.

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About the training

Historically it was thought that women and girls were less likely to be autistic, however recent research has highlighted the challenges in identifying autism in women and girls. It is now recognised from research, clinical practice and anecdotal reports that many autistic females or those who demonstrate the less traditionally obvious traits of autism are not recognised. This can result in misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, or women and girls not being diagnosed at all.

It is often said that the differences that autistic women and girls experience are of a more subtle presentation, or may appear so to others. Some autistic women and girls feel that they are masking their autism to try and hide the fact that they feel different. They may copy behaviour from others around them, and can be exhausted by the constant effort to appear similar to other people, or might be unaware they are ‘masking’ in the first place. This less traditionally obvious presentation of autism is also a major barrier to clinicians and other professionals recognising autism and understanding the experiences of autistic women and girls.

As a result of this many women report feeling unsupported and not fully understanding themselves potentially resulting in mental health problems. 

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